Enforcement Department

Unfortunately life doesn’t always go to plan, but don’t worry if you have an asset that needs to be recovered.

Whether it’s money, rented accommodation, land or anything else – we can help. All our enforcement agents are trained in the relevant legislation. They abide by our core values and company policies, and get results.

Enforcement Services

court enforcement process

This Pre-action protocol is designed to collect your debt in full, it is often the quickest way to get your money back without the need for court. This service often goes in the favour of the creditor at court as it shows they have attempted to resolve the matter amicably. We can also help with court paper if needed. This service is typically used for evictions, traveller removal and debt recovery.


Although we are not solicitors we have a good knowledge and can help guide you through the eviction process or work with your current provider.  After receiving your instruction we prepare and serve all the relevant legal notices meaning either a section 8/21. If this doesn’t resolve the matter we are happy to attend court with you and upon successful judgement remove the tenant.  



The quicker you act the easier it is the recover your money. This service can be enforced after 7 days of late rental payment. Contact us as soon as your tenant fall into arrears and we can prepare a “notice of enforcement” to be sent to them. The cost of this is passed onto the debtor. 

Process serving

Do you have an important document that needs to be served upon someone? We can help, making sure that the document reaches the party and providing an affidavit or certificate of service. 

trespasser removal

Unauthorised encampments of un-wanted guests can be quickly and easily removed without the need for court action, if you are a commercial land owner facing difficulty get in touch today and we can have your land back tomorrow. 


If you need to locate a debtor or anyone else contact us today, we can use a number of advanced methods to locate pretty much anyone you need to track down

Forfeiture of lease

We can help you re-claim your commercial property, when there are grounds for a breach of lease. Upon instruction and correct paperwork being issued we will attend the property out of hours to minimise conflict, arrange for a locksmith to carry out work to enter & re-secure the property, display all notices required by law, take an inventory of goods within including meter readings, arrange the new keys to be sent to you and  if required Re-attend the property to allow for supervised collection of good within.  



Taking someone to court can often be a can potentially be a huge waste of time and money, we highly recommend using our Pre-court investigation beforehand. you will receive a report on your debtor  advising you the next step and action to take.


Abandoned vehicles

Abandoned Vehicles can be sightly and hazardous to health if you need one removing from your land we will follow legal procedure to have it removed.   


make an enquiry now?

If you are looking for something not mentioned here, or simply want some more details about one of our enforcment services, please don’t hesitate to ask. 

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